Deaf Youth Make Swimathon Fundraising Splash!

by | June 4, 2019

Swimming is a fun leisure activity for most people who enjoy jumping in and making waves in the water. But for deaf people, swimming comes with many complications.

The most challenging is not being able to wear hearing aids, or cochlear impacts not functioning in the water. So for one group of young people, raising money for Northwich Rotary Club and Deafness Support Network’s Youth Vibe was no mean feat.

Youth Service manager Hannah Nicoll who was part of the team and supported one young person who was very nervous and not a competent swimmer, at the Swimathon at Northwich Memorial Court Swimming Pool.

Hannah said: “We swam each length together with him telling me when he wanted me to hold the float or when he wanted to swim on his own. We were extremely proud of each young person as they all personally achieved so much!”

The team of six young people and two supporting staff swam 75 lengths for 55 minutes to raise money to help the youth service which is attended by young people affected by hearing loss across the whole of Cheshire.

Youth Vibe Members after Swim

Youth Vibe after their Swimathon which raised £325 for two charities

“I really enjoyed the swimathon. It was hard because I couldn’t hear what was going on but after the first few laps, I enjoyed it lots and want to do it again with all my friends and raise money for the deaf club. I feel proud to help my club for trips and things and other charities. I would love to go again and I want to raise more money for the club so will do it again and again. 10 out of 10, great, amazing fun, loved it!”

Hayden, Youth Vibe Member

Youth Vibe member Alex added: “I was a little bit scared because I find it hard to breathe and swim but I was really glad I had Sally’s help because I felt safe and I had fun!”

Youth Vibe raised £325 which will be split equally between the two causes.

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