Help Offered to Save Sight Loss

by | September 25, 2019

Eye Health Week 2019 runs until Sunday, September 29th, and aims to promote good optical health, which includes making lifestyle changes to prevent macular degeneration.

Susan Crawley, from DSN’s Vision Support Team, said: “The main cause of sight loss in adults is age-related macular degeneration. Other significant causes of sight loss are glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

“At least half of all sight loss is avoidable. Almost two-thirds of sight loss in older people is caused by refractive error and cataract. Both conditions can be diagnosed by having a simple eye test and in most cases, the person’s sight could be improved by prescribing correct glasses or cataract surgery.”

Help Offered to Save Sight Loss

Half of all sight loss is avoidable

As well as regular eye examinations, Susan suggests that regular contact with an optician can help to keep your eyes healthy.

“Some sight-threatening conditions have no symptoms and could cause you to lose sight before you notice a difference,” said Susan. “An eye examination can pick up these eye conditions, making sure you then get the correct treatment needed.”

The number of people in the UK with sight loss is set to increase dramatically in the future due to a combination of the increased risk of sight loss in older age, and an ageing UK population. Sight loss is also strongly linked with certain medical conditions such as diabetes and lifestyle factors, DSN warns, which includes obesity which is also on the rise.

“The number of people with sight problems in the UK is likely to increase dramatically over the next 25 years and so many are avoidable. That is why Eye Health Week is so important to mark because simple measures can be taken to give huge benefits to one of the most important parts of your body.”

Susan Crawley, from DSN’s Vision Support Team

DSN offers support and assistance to those who have a certificate of vision impairment (CVI) which certifies a person as sight impaired (partially sighted) or those who are severely sighted impaired (blind).

The purpose of the CVI is to provide a formal route for someone with sight loss to social care services which DSN provides.

“For many people even after they are registered blind or partially sighted, their remaining vision sight is unstable. Often people experience changes in there vision over many years. This means that they may have to learn and relearn how to adapt to having to live with sight loss and we can help with that.”

If you have concerns about your vision or need the advice to help access additional support to find out more about a CVI, contact DSN on 0333 220 5050 or email

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