DSN are proud to announce we are funding a new research project looking into the effects of hearing loss on mental health during social distancing brought on by the pandemic.

 We are looking for people to undertake an online survey. You must be:

*over the age of 70

*access to the internet and suitable device to access the survey

*with or without hearing loss

 What is the purpose of this research?

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused world-wide disruption in community and social interactions. People over the age of 70, deemed as having a greater risk for severe illness, are expected to follow social distancing guidance particularly stringently and limit face-to-face interactions wherever possible.

In the UK, half of people over the age of 70 live alone, so rely on connections outside of their household. We want to understand how isolation due to coronavirus is affecting people over 70, and how this may be different for people with hearing loss. Participants will complete an online survey so we can measure the psychological effects of forced distancing. The results will determine: a) how hearing loss and social distancing are related to loneliness, depression, anxiety and cognitive function and b) if people with hearing loss require additional support during the crisis, and if so, what this support should involve.

 How do I take part?

To take part please complete the online survey here:

Click here to take the survey 

Or please copy and paste this URL into your browser: : https://is.gd/dsnresearch

 For more information please contact DSN@dsnonline.co.uk or phone 0333 220 50 50

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