BBC Production ‘Reunion’ – Looking for Deaf Supporting Artists

Information from an agency called Lucas Extras, we source and provide Supporting Artists (Extras/ background artists) to productions for TV/Film/Commercials.

We are currently working on a BBC Project called ‘Reunion’  (link below if you would like to read more about it. ). Which is filming May- August of this year, in and around Sheffield.

The production is trying to find deaf people that may be interested in performing in this production as a supporting artist. They would be paid for this. 

 I will attach a flyer about the job and below is the link so people can sign up to Lucas Extras if they are interested in this.

 When people sign up, could they please me-mail or message the number below to let us know they have joined and we can find them on the system. 

Aimee, who is the Crowd 2nd Assistant Director on ‘Reunion’ is Deaf, and she is putting together a Video using BSL, about the production. We will will forward this on once we have received it. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us via 

E-mail: or Mobile: 07375 932 950


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