Our post-doctoral researcher, Jenna, is investigating how we can best recognise, manage and support hearing and vision impairment for people with dementia.


Jenna Littlejohn

Jenna Littlejohn

Head of research & dementia services

Driven by my passion for neuroscience and specialist interests in dementia and hearing loss, I am continuing clinical research into the links between hearing loss and cognitive decline during ageing and dementia. 

Following on from her PhD looking into which areas of cognition might be selectively effected in people with hearing loss as a means to try and understand further a possible causal link between hearing loss and the onset of dementia, our post-doctoral researcher, Jenna, is investigating how we can best recognise, manage and support hearing and vision impairment for people with dementia.

So far, this work has shown that professionals working across the domains of hearing, vision and dementia care do not work together to understand how concurrent cognitive and sensory impairments may interact. We know that dementia related outcomes, such as cognitive decline, and behavioural symptoms including agitation and frustration are exacerbated for people with dementia and sensory problems, compared to those with just dementia alone. However, professionals working in dementia care tend to be unaware of how to manage these sensory impairments.

The aim of this fellowship, is therefore, to understand how to best assess and manage sensory impairments in the memory clinics and work to producing some multi-disciplinary international guidelines for the assessment and management of hearing and vision impairments for people with dementia.

Would you be interested in becoming a Research Volunteer?

Manchester Biomedical Research Centre need volunteers with normal hearing and hearing loss to take part in research studies that teach us more about hearing loss and how best to treat it.

Being a research participant can be good fun and the friendly team aim to give you the best possible experience.

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Earlier this year, we have published the first outcome from this project. To read the open-access journal published in Age and Ageing, please follow the link below.


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