RNIB Survey

RNIB survey 2022

What is the project?

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) wants to know more about the experiences of people living with a vision impairment in the UK today, and how those experiences affect their quality of life. They want to understand what’s most important to people – what’s difficult, easy, what’s missing from everyday life and what brings people joy.
RNIB will be able to use the information gathered from the survey to work out where they can have the greatest impact on people’s lives, ensuring people have the kind of support they need and helping people to achieve their goals.

What is the ask for potential ‘recruiters’ (people who can promote the project to potential respondents)?

It’s really important we hear from a wide range of people so that we can learn from people’s very different experiences. Reaching all these people is a huge challenge, and we need your help to make sure as many people as possible have their voices heard.

If you know anyone you think we should hear from, please do share the information about this important work with them. This could be via social media, in a newsletter, in person, or in any other way that you tend to communicate with your network.

What is the ask for potential respondents (people with a vision impairment)?

By taking part in a 30-minute telephone survey, you can directly contribute to RNIB’s understanding of people’s experiences with vision impairment and what is most important to them.

Who are Revealing Reality?

Revealing Reality are an independent social research agency who are conducting the research on RNIBs behalf. Please find out more out the website www.revealingreality.co.uk

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