Rollercoaster? No way! Charity Skydive? Yes!

by | August 30, 2019

A brave fundraiser will take to the skies this weekend to jump out of a plane for charity – despite being petrified of going on rollercoasters.

Mum-of-four Claire Marshall, from Rossett, Wrexham has confessed to not using her Merlin Adventure Park pass because she’s afraid of being hurtled through the air at high speeds aboard one of their dozens of thrilling rollercoaster rides. Claire, 35, however, wanted to give something back to the charity which has helped her 15-year-old deaf daughter Molly build her confidence, Deafness Support Network.

“Molly was born profoundly deaf and while we had a history of deafness in the family, in recent years, it was something that we had little knowledge of,” said Claire.

Molly with mum Claire

Molly with mum Claire who will take to the skies this weekend to raise money for Deafness Support Network.

At three years of age, Molly was sent to Nottingham to have a cochlear implant and has undergone therapy to teach her British Sign Language, lip-reading and speech.
Claire said: “Hearing aids didn’t work for Molly but she’s adjusted very well and it’s been great to see her develop, especially at school, where she attends the Hearing Impaired Unit at Mold Alyn High School alongside her regular mainstream classes,” said Claire.
The teenager also attends Youth Vibe – DSN‘s dedicated youth club for those with a hearing loss and their friends. It is made up of profoundly deaf young people like Molly, as well as those who are hard of hearing and CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) and lead by Hannah Nicoll

“My daughter absolutely loves Youth Vibe – it’s been great for her and she loves the trips and the group she is with. After her watching her grow in confidence, I thought it really was my time to give something back.”

Despite her fear of rollercoasters, Claire plucked up the courage to put herself forward for a skydive which will take place at 12noon this Saturday (August 31st).

Claire said: “I am getting nervous now. I keep watching the videos online and it’s got me very excited all the same. My son said he was scared for me but my other children have been OK and are excited too.”

“Youth Vibe and DSN do such great work and Molly (and we) are very lucky to be able to have them in our area. I just hope that I can smash my target and raise as much money as possible!”

Watched on by her friends and family, Claire will take to the skies in a bid to raise as much money as possible for the charity that has given her family so much.

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