Audiology is the study of hearing, balance, and related disorders. An audiologist is a hearing health care professional who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders. DSN’s audiology services can help with hearing assessments, wax removal, digital hearing aids, hearing protection, amplified devices including telephones, loops and personal listeners, and tinnitus solutions.


POSITIVE HEARING is a social enterprise business not for profit dedicated to providing quality expertise and technical assistance to people with a hearing loss and supporting DSN in Cheshire.

We have a fully equipped retail unit where you are more than welcome to try and test various devices that will make a difference to your hearing and your lifestyle. Solutions to transform your quality of life, helping you regain your hearing and independence

We have a fully registered clinical Audiologist who is able to provide hearing assessments in our new state of the art soundproof booth.


The digital hearing devices that DSN provide through Positive Hearing are supplied by STARKEY HEARING TECHNOLOGIES. Starkey are one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers, are continue to introduce new innovations in audiology technology.

Starkey also run the Starkey Hearing Foundation, a charity who work with governments, NGOs and health leaders around the world to help make hearing healthcare services more accessible.

Starkey also offer a free online hearing test. It only takes five minutes and you don’t need to give any details – visit

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