Dementia & Deafness

Over the past 20 years there has been an increased interest into the links between hearing loss and dementia. Past research has suggested that people with a hearing loss are more likely to develop cognitive impairment and dementia, and we wanted to understand why this might be.

Dementia Services

DSN wanted to get involved in understanding these links between dementia and deafness, and further increase our knowledge so that we could continue to meet the needs of our clients. We have been supporting cutting edge research into this area for the past 5 years, and from this we have been able to develop a new service ‘You Me and Tea’

Brochure : Understanding hearing and sight problems and their link to dementia

Sensory Boxes

In collaboration with the Richard Sharp Sensory Project as a result of the hard work and fundraising efforts of the Sharp family, together with various donations from the public and Vale Royal CCG, a library of memory boxes have been created.

These boxes have been made up to suit various hobbies, as well as common reminiscence themes such as Christmas, Easter & Springtime, and war time years. The boxes are designed to stimulate memories and conversations for people with sensory impairment and dementia.

These boxes are used commonly by DSNs dementia services team, predominantly at You, Me & Tea, a monthly café for people with sensory impairment and/or memory loss along with their friends and carers. They are also available for free loan to individuals and families, where we ask for a small donation towards transportation and use of the boxes.

We currently have a partnership with the dementia ward, Croft Ward at Macclesfield Hospital. Felicity Sharpley, Occupational therapist has said “Service users with dementia have enjoyed inspecting the objects, socialising and discussing memories associated with childhood and springtime. Sensory objects with unusual textures, reflective material or applique provides cognitive stimulation for those with severe dementia”

If you would like to, or know of anyone who would like to loan a sensory box, please contact Jenna Littlejohn.


Deafness and Dementia in the spotlight at national conference

Deafness and Dementia in the spotlight at national conference

Pioneering research funded by a Cheshire-based charity, has been put into focus at a national conference.Deafness Support Network have been working alongside University of Manchester, to create guidelines of how to best assess patients both with a hearing loss and a...

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Our post-doctoral researcher, Jenna, is investigating how we can best recognise, manage and support hearing and vision impairment for people with dementia.

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