DSN is committed to developing and delivering innovative services and support programmes to promote health and well-being in our communities.

We work closely with our service users and partners in health and commissioning to ensure that health messages and services are accessible and available to all, and are always eager to find out about your experiences to see how we can further improve health pathways for people with a sensory loss.

COVID-19 - NHS Test and Trace

We are working with NHS Test and Trace to ensure our centres are as safe and secure as possible. 

There are QR codes around our centres that you can scan when entering to check-in.

COVID19 – Brtish Red Cross – Tips and Advice
– Set up regular calls with family or friends, especially if you or they live alone
Create a written list of your next of kin / close family or friends to be contacted in an emergency. Include their names, phone numbers and addresses.
– Keep your emergency contact list in your wallet or purse.
–  Make sure your next of kin / emergency contacts know your current phone number and home address.
–  If you are living far from your family members, have the contact details (telephone, email) of their neighbour or someone else who permanently keeps in touch with your relatives.
– Write the phone number of other family members and give it to your children so that they can contact them if you get sick.
– If you get sick and need to go to hospital remember to take your phone charger.
Share these tips with others!
Other helpful tips:
If you have any prescription medication make sure details of this and any allergies are easily found, for example with your Emergency Contact list.
Have you discussed your wishes with your next of kin/family member, if you were seriously ill due to Covid19?

Health Awareness and Deafness (HAnD)

Our HAnD programme promotes health awareness across the Deaf community, and has been a vital source of information and advice over many years. DSN has helped service users understand more about health issues including cancer, heart disease, mental health and stroke awareness, and so much more.

This links well with our wider research into Deafness and Dementia, and our focus on combatting social isolation and loneliness which can have such a negative impact on health if not addressed.

We are proud of our work in this area, and look forward to developing greater links with health partners in the coming years.

Health Advice In BSL

Deaf people are more likely to be undiagnosed, or poorly treated, for a range of health conditions. To try to help address this, SignHealth have created a library of health advice in BSL.

Crisis Text Line for Deaf People

Deaf people who need help with urgent issues such as suicidal thoughts, abuse or assault, self-harm, bullying or relationship issues will now be able to access support immediately. If you’re Deaf and experiencing a personal crisis, unable to cope and need support, text DEAF to the number 85258.

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