Visual Impairment

DSN provide visual impairment services under contract to Cheshire East and Flintshire. If you would like to find out more about our services, call in at one of our centres, phone us on 0333 2205050 or e-mail us at

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DSN are commissioned by Cheshire East Council to deliver a co-ordinated Sensory Loss Service  for people of all ages experiencing a sensory loss.

The service focuses on early intervention and prevention, including the development of innovative solutions to support and empower people to remain independent, improve life chances, health and well-being outcomes and help to reduce the demand for statutory services.

The service adopts a co-ordinated, collaborative approach to service provision, with a strong partnership approach with our partners in Social Care, Health and across the voluntary sector.

DSN's Community Support Officers provide individually tailored support packages for service users, including regular drop-in sessions, home visits where appropriate, and community activities.

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Flintshire County Council have commissioned DSN to provide an Integrated Sensory Loss Service for residents of all ages.

We deliver support and services designed to enhance quality of life, promote continuing independence and raise awareness of sensory loss in communities.

DSN works closely with all stakeholders to ensure a joined-up approach to service delivery. We are an active founder member of the Community Support Initiative, which brings providers together to enable streamlined access to a wide range of support, and the best possible outcomes for the people who need us.

Mae Cyngor Sir y Fflint wedi comisiynu DSN i ddarparu Gwasanaeth Nam ar y Synhwyrau Integredig i drigolion o bob oedran.

Rydym yn darparu cymorth a gwasanaethau a gynlluniwyd i wella ansawdd bywyd, hyrwyddo annibyniaeth barhaus a chodi ymwybyddiaeth o nam ar y synhwyrau mewn cymunedau.

Mae DSN yn gweithio’n agos gyda’r holl randdeiliaid i sicrhau agwedd gydgysylltiedig at ddarparu gwasanaeth. Rydym yn aelod sylfaen gweithredol o’r Fenter Cymorth Cymunedol, sy’n dod â darparwyr at ei gilydd i alluogi mynediad rhwydd i ystod eang o gefnogaeth, a’r canlyniadau gorau posibl i bobl sydd ein hangen.

Support for D/deafblind people

DSN also undertake specialist assessments for D/deafblind people in relation to their social care, orientation, mobility, communication and daily living needs to determine the most appropriate intervention to meet personal goals and outcomes. Completion of equipment needs assessments and provision of appropriate equipment, will ensure access to expert advice and practical help to manage their duel sensory loss.

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